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In Praise of Pea Straw

18 June 2018

Pea straw, which you’ll find at your garden centre is frequently used at this time of year to protect plants prone to frost damage.

Like strawberries and moderately frost-tender perennials such as perennial petunias.

Spread a layer over the top of plants that need a little help BUT avoid covering them completely because they still need air and light.

Pea straw is also fabulous for conditioning the soil – helping to build structure and keeping moisture in, which you need once warmer weather hits.

It’s also high in nitrogen, which quickly releases to the soil becoming available to your plants. Pea straw also makes a lovely ‘num num’ layer for microorganisms to do their job of breaking down soil, so that more nutrients are released.

Pea straw is particularly good for very sandy soils, or large gardens.

And, bonus!! It helps keep the dreaded weeds at bay.

Can’t lose, can you?