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Tremendous Tools

18 June 2018

The bulk of the work I do in my garden – probably 80% – is done with very few tools.

Warning… these tools are more expensive… but for me, I go for the best quality I can get. Anything else is a false economy in my opinion because cheap tools either wear out or break, or fail to stay sharp. So you’ll end up buying 3 or more cheap tools over the same period that one good one will last, plus the more expensive ones almost always do a better job and are easier for you to use.

So, without any further ado, let me introduce you to Wolf tools. They are fantastic and have lasted for about 15 years and counting. The range is extensive and has separate components, but my mainstays are the long and mid handle, used with the hand fork, hand trowel, garden rake and torpedo hoe attachments.  

I have other attachments like the lawn rake, but as I said these are the ones I reach for first.

For secateurs, I advise you to invest in Felco or ARS. I’m never without them.

Then there’s my short blade tree saw, also made by ARS.

You will also need a shovel, garden folk and spade. And, of course, a lovely pair of gardening gloves. I recommend the Bulldog brand.

So long as I have these particular tools I never feel naked in the garden. Lol ????