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Size Does Matter

18 June 2018

When browsing your garden centre, are you ever confused about height and width on plant labels?

Trust me, you’re not alone thinking: “I swear to God, I’ve seen that plant growing and its massive, but this plant label says it only grows to three metres?!” Don’t worry, you’re no crazier than everyone else (except for me of course) but thankfully help is at hand.

The width and height written on labels is a guide only. What’s more, the measurements are designed to apply from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the south (Stewart Island).

Because it’s more humid and warm in the north, plants there grow faster and taller. Moving down to Wellington and top of the South Island, growth rates range from fast to moderate, and so on down.

But while plants generally have a height that they reach, in cooler climates they may never realise their full potential.

If you’re unsure, you’re always best to simply enquire at your garden centre.