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Don’t Get Out-Potted

18 June 2018

The thing is I’m a bit of a pot queen, and over many years I’ve noticed that most people plant plants into pots that are way too small.

A common example of this is with citrus, and particularly lemons.

It’s true that pots can be quite an outlay financially. However, if you are going to do it, do it well, because otherwise you increase your chances significantly of your plants catching the dreaded death and they say there’s no cure for that (lol).

Citrus not only won’t do very well, they won’t give you much in the way of fruit if they’re planted in pots that are too small. They will do best in a half wine-barrel-sized tub.

In the hottest months, you will need to water them until the water is running out of the drainage holes. In 30-degree heat that may be every day.

Also, and this goes for all potted trees and plants, you may need to feed them three times a year with a slow release fertilizer. I use Oderings Replenish. Love it!!!

I have plants and indeed trees that have been in their pots 8-10 years. Yes they were rather good-sized pots (but not 100litres) and they will need to be taken out root trimmed, cut back and replanted soon. My point is though I would never have been able to keep them in these pots for so long, if I hadn’t had feed them and watered them as stated above.

It’s definitely worth it though – in the hard times my pots have helped to make me feel really, flush and lush ????